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QUMsult GmbH & Co KG is a Freiburg-based company and offers consulting as well as software for quality, environment, energy and occupational safety.

Customers are companies of all industries and sizes.

The range of services includes consulting, training, workshops and external representatives as well as software development and sales.

Founded back in 1995, the team currently consists of the 4 shareholders and 6 employees.



QUMsult accompanies and advises companies on quality, environment, energy and occupational health and safety.

Clients from various industries receive support in implementing and maintaining their management systems (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ISO 45001, IATF 16949 as well as ISO 13485). QUMsult helps to ensure that certifications by any certifier run smoothly.

A functioning quality management system creates satisfied customers. They are the basic prerequisite for the economic success of any company.

An environmental management system is an original component of sustainability management. Transparency and evaluation of resource consumption and other effects on the environment contribute to their conservation. Sensitization of employees can have an impact on private behavior.

A climate management system makes it possible to systematically plan and organize all relevant aspects and to position the company for the future, e.g. through GHG balance, reduction measures and reports as well as CO2 compensation.

The topic of energy is becoming increasingly important, as the cost of energy will continue to rise in the future, and an energy management system provides companies with the necessary structure for this. In the future, the reimbursement of charges for energy will depend even more on whether a company can prove that it has an energy management system. In some cases, a certified system in accordance with ISO 50001 (§§ 40 f. EEG) will be mandatory.

An occupational health and safety management system takes into account social aspects of sustainability in the company. Risk assessments and noise measurements help to improve the safety and health of employees.

Customers are also supervised and supported in:

  • the regular assessment of whether legal requirements are being met (legal compliance audits)
  • the tasks of management representatives
  • the function of required representatives
  • Training and instruction of employees (e.g. auditor training).


QUMsult offers software solutions for management systems. The experience gained from consulting in the areas of quality, environment, energy and occupational health and safety has been incorporated into the development: From practice for practice.

The applications are suitable for companies of all industries and sizes:

Web SARA - the HSEQ software with the modules waste, AwSV, plants, hazardous substances and risk assessment

PAUL - the platform for environmental, energy and occupational health and safety law: for your legal cadastre

SOFIA - the audit software

UTA - the platform for instruction and training

Interested parties can request a free trial access or get to know the software in a TeamViewer session.

Further work aids

The following applications also facilitate the work:

Audit questionnairesand MindMaps - provide standard requirements for management systems


Sustainability Circle

Since July 2008 QUMsult organizes the Sustainability Circle. The meetings are held with representatives from companies and organizations in the region. The Sustainability Circle enables the exchange of experiences, ideas and practical tips.

The participants present their concepts for sustainability in company visits: among others GLS Bank, Best Western Premier Hotel Victoria, Gasthaus zum Roten Bären, Zentrum für erneuerbare Energie, Stabsstelle Umweltschutz der Universität Freiburg, Institut für Umweltmedizin und Hygiene, Rhodia as well as Zahner Feinkost (Essenstreff), Sedus Stoll, Holzwerke Dold.

Planning and organization is done by QUMsult free of charge. Further meetings are planned.

Living space work - LEA

QUMsult co-founded the interdisciplinary business cooperation "Lebensraum Arbeit" (LEA) in 2004.

LEA works in an interdisciplinary manner and combines competencies from the fields of occupational safety, occupational medicine, work organization, physiotherapy, psychology and human resources. The focus is on opportunities and perspectives for a working environment that promotes health.

The organizers are Gudrun Töpfer, managing director of Wechselwerk GmbH, Raimund Huber, cooperation partner at Limberger und Dilger, and Dr. Josef Sauer, occupational safety specialist.

Topics include resilience/age management, health-promoting corporate culture, experiences of stress due to constant accessibility, work design/recovery competence, health competence in the digital age, health balanced scorecard, demographic change and digitization, and eHealth and mHealth - opportunities and risks of digitization in the health sector.

The round table meets two to three times a year. The focus of the events is on the constructive
Exchange of specialist information and experience in a relaxed atmosphere. The aim is to jointly develop opportunities and perspectives for a working environment that promotes health.

Participation is free of charge, and interested parties from companies and associations are welcome.

DNK training partner

QUMsult is a DNK training partner and supports companies in preparing declarations in accordance with the DNK Sustainability Code.

Leading by example - sustainability management documents companies' commitment to long-term sustainable development.




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