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Efficiency and long service life through regular cleaning of photovoltaic systems

Only with a clean system you get an optimum of energy from every single ray of sunlight. The longer your PV system operates without any problems, the more your personal investment in renewable energy pays off. However, your system can only achieve its full performance potential if every single ray of sunlight can hit the solar cells directly and unhindered. The most important task of your solar system is optimal yield, but contaminated photovoltaic systems lead to a loss of yield in electricity generation. Every time the components become contaminated, the effectiveness of your system decreases.

We make sure that your PV system is profitable again!

Which PV systems are particularly affected?

PV systems that have a low roof pitch are limited in their ability to clean themselves through rain. Also framed modules, especially the edges of the module frame are cleaning intensive. PV systems in industrial areas or near farms are very dusty due to the use of heavy equipment and vehicles. Plants at forest edges are especially affected by contamination from bird droppings, moss, leaves and pollen. But in the end, the performance of your PV system will tell you if cleaning is urgently needed.

You are not sure? We will be happy to check your plant.


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What are the reasons for cleaning?

The reasons for buying a photovoltaic system may be different. However, all investors and owners of PV systems unanimously strive for an optimal electricity yield and a long system life! A photovoltaic system needs regular maintenance, just like your car, for example. After all, the PV system should feed high yields into the grid for you for more than 20 years.

What factors cause soiling on a PV system?

Low roof pitch: Due to a low roof pitch, dust and dirt is not only "washed" off the modules by the rain. This causes a film of dirt to build up, especially on the lower edge.

Farms: Farms are strongly affected by the use of heavy equipment and by poultry and fattening houses they have to deal with pollution.

Bird droppings: Bird droppings are about the most stubborn thing that can get stuck; these can also lead to etching of the modules.

Other environmental influences are e.g. pollen, soot, vehicle exhaust fumes, leaves, tree needles (resin), moss, algae, lichen, lime and many more. Over time, this can also cause moss to grow on the edges of the module frame and slowly grow into the module.

What effect does dirt have on solar modules?

Dirt deposits reduce the yield of each individual module and thus represent a resistance in the entire circuit. Some manufacturers will void the warranty if the modules are not properly cleaned and treated. Since the modules are connected in series, the weakest module determines the performance of the solar system. Surface contamination can lead to yield losses of up to 20%.

How is professional cleaning carried out?

Roof work can be dangerous for non-professionals and therefore we recommend to have the professional cleaning done regularly by a specialist. Thanks to our know-how and special equipment, we simultaneously watch out for damage during cleaning and can thus reduce yield losses and sustainably maintain the value of your system.



MCS Ltd. - Ihr zertifizierter Solaranlagenreiniger

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