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Matteco GmbH is a startup founded in 2015 and based in Kappelrodeck, Baden. The company, which has already won several awards for its resource efficiency, produces technical rubber products from scrap tire meal for various applications in construction, industry and transportation.

Scrap tires represent a considerable source of waste in Germany, accounting for around 568,000 tons (as of June 2016) per year. Safe recycling solutions are therefore a challenge for society. The raw material value of the elastic and durable material has been recognized and speaks in favor of mechanical recycling. Our goal is therefore the efficient and effective use of the material and the establishment of a new technology in Germany.


service description

matteco GmbH manufactures very high quality elastomeric bearings without PU binders from recycled rubber raw materials in its own German production facility.

Based on a special binder and a unique process, matteco manufactures very high quality technical rubber products from recycled rubber powder, which in turn can be 100% recycled without adding any binder again.

The raw material is a fine recycled rubber powder. In combination with a special binder without plasticizers, both components are mixed and heated by means of a special process, pressed and then cooled.

matteco elastomeric bearings have excellent properties for solving acoustic problems, reducing vibrations and can also be combined very efficiently with insulation material. Due to the very good recovery behavior, matteco elastomeric bearings are also suitable for very high loads.

Due to its own production facility, matteco is able to quickly and easily respond to the needs of customers and customize the products to their individual desired sizes. With different formulations, products with a wide range of properties can be manufactured.




matteco GmbH

matteco GmbH
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