IneraTec – Innovative Reactor Technology


IneraTec’s expertise is the design, construction and sales of uniquely modular and compact chemical reactor facilities. The entire chemical reaction process is fully integrated in containerized turn-key system ready to use.


Service description

  • Core Technology: Planning, manufacturing and selling of novel and innovative chemical reactor concepts and integration in turn-key containerized plants / Production of synthetic high performance fuels Diesel, Gasoline, and Kerosene (Gas-to-Fuels, GtL) from remote and small gas resources (biogas, flared natural gas, shale gas, …) with high greenhouse gas emission reduction potential / Variable production capacities between 0.5 and 50 bpd (barrels per day).
  • Technical Services: Control, monitoring and maintenance of IneraTec units / Initiation and implementation of customer-specific applications (Power-to-Fuels, Methanation,”Green” products for the chemical industry).
  • Business development: Strategic partner for doorbreaker projects / Initiation and acquisition of market niches


A novel and innovative microstructured reactor with highest compactness that enables the GtL process step in remote locations and in containerized units / Provider of turn-key solutions.

R&D activities

IneraTec is a spin-off from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany. The innovative reactor technology has been successfully demonstrated in lab and technical scale, and the scale-up to industrial scale has been accomplished. Further R&D activities contribute to the continuous improvement and upgrading of our product portfolio. Due to our strong link to academia, we have a good overview of current and future public funding potential in the field of energy storage by chemical processes.

IneraTec handles national and international research projects and collaborations with highest professionalism.



Novel synthesis process concepts for efficient chemicals/fuel production from biomass.


Management of Intermittent & Nuclear Electricity by high efficiency electrochemical Reactor for the Valorization of CO2 in flexible Energies




IneraTec – Innovative Reactor Technology

IneraTec – Innovative Reactor Technology
Siemensallee 84
76187 Karlsruhe

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