We develop intelligent solutions for energy management and the optimized control of complex energy systems. Our system offers comprehensive metering and monitoring for gas, water, electricity and heat, as well as specific optimization strategies for heating, ventilation, compressed air and the operation of charging stations.

We sell these solutions as a complete system for individual buildings as well as for industry and neighborhoods. Our solutions for tenant power properties and urban quarters also convince with sophisticated concepts for control and operational management.

Optimized system control to increase energy efficiency


Establish charging infrastructure with the charging and load management from enisyst

Wallboxes from different manufacturers with charging management from enisyst in an underground car park


Load management system eni.charge

enisyst enables manufacturer-independent charging of electric vehicles including load management. With our distribution system eni.charge, you can cost-effectively install several charging stations simultaneously in underground garages, in parking garages or in outdoor parking lots. The new installation of parking spaces with charging stations or wallboxes often poses some challenges: the charging stations usually cannot be installed close to the house connection. The result: high installation costs, cumbersome wiring of power and internet. With our two-stage distribution system, we reduce the costs for materials and installation to a minimum. eni.charge takes over the charging management for the charging stations. Further charging points can be added with additional distributors. As a manufacturer-independent system, wallboxes from a wide range of manufacturers can be integrated into the system. An extension to tenant electricity by integrating additional generation plants is also possible with the complete system from enisyst.


Increasing the energy efficiency of buildings and neighborhoods and driving forward smart cities

Residential buildings and neighborhoods to greater energy efficiency.

Digital Energy Saving Kit

With the digital energy-saving kit from enisyst, public utilities, municipalities or other energy plant operators can reduce their energy costs immediately and sustainably - without incurring large costs. Already through the automated monitoring of energy flows, the intelligent monitoring, between 15 and 20 percent energy costs can be saved. The digital energy-saving kit can be quickly and easily retrofitted in existing buildings, as installation is wireless. As a result, we can guarantee a fast payback period.

The radio-based energy-saving solution is available in different expansion stages: from pure monitoring to building control.


Load management for parking garage in Schwäbisch Hall

Electric car charging in the newly renovated Langer Graben parking garage.

The Langer Graben parking garage in Schwäbisch Hall has not only been visually modernized, but now also features innovative technology for charging electric cars. 108 parking spaces in the underground car park have already been put into operation by enisyst. All of the nearly 500 parking spaces are also pre-equipped for e-mobility.

A higher-level distribution system consisting of numerous ein.hubscontrols dynamic load management, which reduces power peaks and prevents overloading of the connecting lines. It also ensures that each of the charging points is constantly supplied with power.

Energy concept for residential buildings in Stuttgart-Möhringen

View of energy-efficient residential building with innovative heating technology

An innovative energy concept was created for an apartment building at the Möhringen train station. 22 residential units are to be supplied with energy using sustainable resources.

A large part of the energy for the apartment building is generated by the photovoltaic system on the roof and electricity-generating special foils on the balcony parapets. This energy is available to the residents in the building at low cost. The heart of the complex energy system is a large battery storage unit in the basement. This ensures that the self-generated electricity is also available in the evenings and at night - including at the 22 charging stations for electric vehicles offered by Stadtwerke Stuttgart in the underground parking garage.
The apartments are heated by a special heating system that uses wastewater heat. This is tapped by a special heat exchanger that has been installed in the public sewer system under the property. There, constant temperatures of around 14 degrees Celsius prevail all year round, which are brought up to the flow temperature of the heating circuit in the building's heat center with the help of a heat pump.




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