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Vision: "We create clean energy, an intact environment and an improvement in the quality of life so that all people can live where you were born! "

With its work, the Zenaga Foundation wants to contribute to the reduction of climate change, to the reduction of causes of flight, to the improvement of international understanding and to the improvement of trade relations between Germany and Africa. The vision is as important for Germany as it is for developing countries, given the threat of changes such as rising sea levels (northern German plains) and drought (eastern German states), as well as the social problems triggered by the current influx of refugees.

Work approach of Zenaga

Zenaga works on the basis of three building blocks:

  • Building Block 1: Promoting understanding on the economic benefits of technological change through communication measures and actions in Germany.
  • Building block 2: Improvement of all areas in developing countries, which are necessary for living in the home country through local projects such as education, health care, income, etc..
  • Building block 3: Connecting people from different continents with their skills and competencies through delegation trips and participation in international conferences such as the UN Climate Conference.

"Social return on investment" of Zenaga

  • Creation of economic benefits
  • "Given the amount of potential damage, consistent steps towards more climate protection are economically ..."
  • (Source: "Cost of Climate Change and Adaptation on Four Perspectives" study)
  • Avoidance of flight by creating perspective for the people in Senegal
  • Reduction of social tensions triggered by the waves of refugees and the consequences of climate change
  • Creation of better trade opportunities and thus the preservation or creation of jobs in Germany

for us, partnerships always mean that both sides derive added value from them. In the following, we outline three examples of how a partnership can be implemented. On the following charts you will then find concrete projects with specific partner offers. These are to be understood as an initial basis for discussion. We would be happy to develop an individual implementation together with our partners.

The main advantage of sponsoring is the possibility to comprehensively present the interaction in terms of advertising and communication. Thus the support of a project can be used on photos and videos by the sponsor for the communication towards customers, employees and suppliers and the commitment in abstract area of climate protection can be illustrated. In many economic sectors, a link can be found between the activities of the sponsors and the activities of Zenaga, thus increasing the added value for the companies.

Zenaga "Quality Seal
Are you selling a product or service and want to make your offer stand out from the market? Create an emotional incentive for your customers to buy. Every customer wants to have a good feeling when buying or to do something good with the purchase. Our seal, e.g.: "By buying this product you support the Zenaga Foundation" supports you in reaching your goal.

Co2 Compensation PLUS
With our offer you compensate Co2 emissions and make an important contribution to the implementation of our projects. The compensation is possible for the total balance, travel (car - flight), events or a desired amount.

This is how all our partners benefit from their support

  • Social recognition through high acceptance of the commitment in the population
  • Expectations of society, employees and customers are met
  • "Good conscience" through commitment to mainstream issues: Climate, escape prevention, energy
  • Compensation of own Co2 emissions
  • Access to markets in different countries
  • Communication measures for customers, employees and suppliers in Germany e.g. through newsletters, articles, other options
  • Support in communicative presentation
  • Differentiation from the market and competitors through cooperation with Zenaga
  • Sustainability consulting
  • CSR and commitment coaching


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Zenaga Foundation gGmbH

Zenaga Foundation gGmbH
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