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Nature and technology in harmony,

a competent partner for industry, district heating and building services for 125 years. Baelz products have been helping to save resources of all kinds for decades. For example, entire pump groups can be eliminated when using our water jet pump technologies. With Baelz absorption chillers, chilled water for production cooling can be generated with only approx. 70-80 °C waste heat. Baelz chillers, steam transfer stations and steam generators are energy efficient and economical. By using our products, primary energies and unnecessary material usage can be saved on a daily basis.


Our delivery program:

- Absorption chillers: 50 - 500 kW

- Heat exchangers: 10 kW - 80 MW

- Steam generators: 50 kg/h to 56 to/h

- Steam transfer stations

- Water heaters

- Water jet pumps

- Steam jet pumps

-Control valves for steam, water, thermal oil, special applications


North America
Central and South America
Australia - Oceania


W. Baelz & Sohn GmbH & Co.

W. Baelz & Sohn GmbH & Co.
Koepffstrasse 5
74076 Heilbronn

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