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Over 90 years of gas measurement technology
UNION Instruments - A tradition of innovation

UNION Instruments GmbH is a German, internationally oriented manufacturer of instruments and systems for gas measurement technology. The company's products are specialized in the determination of energy content (calorimetry) and composition (analysis) of gases in industry and thus cover a wide range of applications.

The company, which is rich in tradition, offers its customers both flexibly configurable individual devices and system solutions that are designed for individual requirements, including planning and engineering. The special feature of such a system solution is the integration of different measuring methods into a complete system. The tailor-made offer includes all steps from consulting and planning, engineering and installation to commissioning on site. This also includes proper documentation in accordance with ISO and/or CSA/UL.

From Germany to the world
Locations and industries

Headquarters and manufacturing in Germany.
UNION Instruments is a German company with headquarters in Karlsruhe and another location in Lübeck. Both locations have development and manufacturing departments. Karlsruhe is the focus for calorimetry instruments, Lübeck for gas analysis. In terms of organization, the company relies on intensive interaction between development, production, engineering and system construction. The goals are a broadly developed knowledge base for technology and application as well as rapid process throughput. The results are short delivery times, short TTM (Time To Market) as well as high flexibility in the deployment of employees, especially in the interest of the users in service and maintenance.

Global presence.
With sales activities in many countries, UNION Instruments shows a strong and constantly increasing presence on the markets. In addition to the European countries, China and the USA are particular focal points with high market shares in relevant market segments. Sales are preferably carried out via distributors. By using modern means of communication and by being prepared to travel intensively, the expertise of the German specialists is nevertheless also available to interested parties worldwide.

At home in many industries, with traditional and new focal points.
UNION Instruments instruments are part of the instrumentation of process plants in many industries. For calorimetry instruments, these are traditionally the steel producers with applications in blast furnace and coke oven gas, as well as the natural gas industry for the evaluation of delivered gas or energy quantities, including custody transfer measurements. In recent years, due to the increasing use of a wide variety of fuel gases, other industries have become demand drivers, primarily biogas producers, sewage plant operators and the chemical industry. Customers of the ESS III system are the builders and operators of supply networks for gas and water. As resources become increasingly scarce, the detection of leaks is becoming an increasingly urgent economic task. The analyzers are needed in numerous sectors of the process industry, including custody transfer measurements in special cases. Examples are analyses of natural gas, biomethane, liquefied petroleum gas, blast furnace gas, coke gas, mixed gases and equally of all kinds of non-combustible gases.

Our services
Consulting, training, service, maintenance

Services ensure instrument performance
The full performance of a measuring instrument or system and thus the best possible user benefit can only be ensured if instrument function and instrument handling meet the respective requirements. UNION Instruments offers services in the form of consulting, training, maintenance and service.

Consulting before procurement
The modular design of UNION instrumentation allows application-specific equipment. To make full use of this potential, it is advisable to clarify the task in advance of procurement: UNION Instruments has qualified specialists with many years of application experience available for this purpose.

Training during commissioning and in central courses
An optimally configured instrument must be handled in the best possible way. Today, appropriate training is part of the scope of supply of sophisticated measurement technology and supplements the documentation supplied. UNION Instruments offers direct training on site during commissioning as well as additional or alternative central training courses.

On-site and remote service and maintenance
Even the best instrument technology cannot do without the help of service specialists during its "lifetime". UNION Instruments offers service in a staged concept:

- Service by regionally based, well-trained technicians.

- Service from the locations in Germany by technicians stationed there and prepared for worldwide travel assignments. Such assignments are also used to support and train regional technicians abroad

- Remote maintenance from Germany via the Internet using standardized tools. These enable the central service group in Germany to communicate directly with a user's PC on site. This allows malfunctions or component failures to be localized and measures for rapid remedial action to be initiated.

- A spare parts service organized for rapid dispatch and the offer of spare parts packages and maintenance contracts round off the range of services provided by UNION Instruments.

The company, which is innovatively oriented towards the use of new technologies, can look back on a company history of over ninety years. It is thus one of the pioneers of industrial gas measurement technology. After the company was founded in 1919, an attractive product range for industrial calorimetry was developed. The advanced instrument technology quickly made the then company name Union Apparatebaubaugesellschaft mbH synonymous with particularly reliable and efficient measurement technology. Instruments from this time are still in use today - a sign of high quality and operational reliability. The company is committed to this reputation. Since the 1970s, the product range has been expanded to include gas analysis for determining gas composition in various areas of process technology, using innovative technologies.

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