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Our vision - innovations help

We want to help people get clean water, good education, better health and an intact environment through innovations. To this end, we invite people to work together in an innovation network. We experience that the market does not automatically ensure a fair distribution, as profit motives and overreaching of the weaker dominate. Helpful ideas and innovations do not automatically prevail. Here we want to break new ground through non-profit, social entrepreneurship.



Water filter

With the MINCH water filter or with seawater desalination on Zanzibar, we want to help people in the world get clean drinking water.

Contaminated drinking water is a cause of many diseases. Diarrheal diseases in particular are transmitted through drinking water. Many people still die from diarrheal diseases.

Clean water helps!


Solar power supply for a village community

Solar Project Yemen

We are currently conducting a pilot project with a solar power supply for a village in Yemen. The aim is to find out whether such a power supply can replace fossil-fuelled diesel generators.


Minch water filter


Project Status 2019

The MINCH water filter is manufactured in a small factory in Ethiopia. Currently, 100 water filters a month leave the small factory. Since most Ethiopian households lack clean water, the need for water filters is huge. To meet this demand, production is to be expanded.

Karl Schmauder brings his many years of experience in production to the table. Most recently, he was on site in January to advise the team. It is not easy to set up local manufacturing in Africa. The fact that many of the local employees are deaf is just one of many challenges. But slowly a way is emerging to produce 1000 MINCH water filters a month locally. The first filters, which have now been in use for over a year, are still delivering very good results in terms of retaining bacteria in the water.

Games for Education

Laser cutter

There are corona protective equipment made of wood.




SIT Social Innovation Transfer gGmbH - Innovation helps

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