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Offering all engineering services from consulting and planning to commissioning in the fields of energy, water and infrastructure, RBS wave provides you with advisory support.

Thereby the company acts within the following sub-areas:

  • Energy    
    • Energy management and audits
    • Distributed energy, heat and refrigeration technology
    • District and local heat
    • Geothermal energy
    • Biogas
    • E-/ MSR technology, process control systems   
  • Water
    • Water loss management
    • Sourcing
    • Purification
    • Storage
    • Transport and distribution
    • Operation management wastewater
  • Infrastructure
    • Pipeline network calculation and analysis, network rehabilitation
    • Geo technical engineering and contaminated site management
    • Gas pipeline testing
    • Developments
    • Industrial construction
    • Cathodic corrosion protection

As service provider with ling-standing experience, the company’s work is safe, sustained and powerful. RBS wave offers you an extensive services portfolio and their wealth of experience from several locations in the State of Baden-Württemberg in the south of Germany, but organized under one roof.

Apart from the traditional consulting and engineering tasks in the utility industry, RBS wave offers innovative solutions for cathodic corrosion protection, gas pipeline inspection and wastewater operational management.

Municipal administrations of cities and smaller communities, public utilities, regional and local supply companies as well as special purpose associations and industry find a reliable partner in the company.

The company’s contribution to a continuous improvement of infrastructure and the supply networks and their emphasis on resource saving are the basis of their success.

It is the company’s task to accompany you safely, successfully and with responsibility for the environment on your journey into the future.

RBS wave stands for:

  • Being a solidly grown company with a safe, competent foundation.
  • Offering highly specialized engineering services in the fields of energy, water and infrastructure.
  • Trusting 120 employees who use their valuable know-how with focus and efficiency.
  • Making a valuable contribution towards ensuring safe supply for people.
  • Standing for a responsible use of resources and the development of sustainable solutions.


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Scarcity of fossil fuels, climate change caused by CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, rising prices for heat and electricity – all these are reasons for using energy more efficiently and as a consequence also an increasing utilisation of renewable energy.

The development of concepts for regenerative energy production and efficient energy utilisation, improving the energy efficiency of buildings and of industrial production processes are our main tasks. The planning of energy production plants based on biomass, such as woodchip heating plants, combined heat and power plants, biogas and biogas treatment plants, are the daily bread and butter of RBS wave.

We offer efficient solutions for hydropower utilisation from flowing waters as well as energy recovery from drinking water, e.g. in cases of feed-in from remote water supply pipelines.

In cooperation with our specialists in the area of construction and geo technical engineering our structural and geotechnical engineers are able to develop holistic approaches to solve your specific requirements

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Those that supply people with drinking water carry a huge responsibility. We are well aware of this fact: at RBS wave you get your questions regarding water supply answered – with absolute certainty and with optimal solutions. Our employees are able to fall back on know-how and practical experience gained over decades of engineering work performed in all spheres of water sourcing, processing, storage, distribution right down to monitoring and managing water supply plants.

The orderly disposal and treatment of rainwater and wastewater as well as reliable operation management of wastewater treatment plants form also part of our core competences.

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Since the majority of public utility infrastructure was built over the past few years the task at present is to preserve these assets for future generations. In addition it is necessary to try to cover the dynamic demands of society as best as possible with the infrastructure that exists.

Marginal conditions such as a regulated budget for gas and electricity, changes in consumer behaviour as far as water consumption is concerned, or even the shortage of space in inner city areas, play an important part in this.

The topic infrastructure is therefore intensely devoted to analysis, determining current conditions, asset preservation, safety and optimizing the existing networks and facilities. Moreover, with the latest technological solutions and analysis methods we ensure that the infrastructure is fit for the requirements of the future.

The revitalisation of industrial wasteland is gaining in importance. Our experts come from all the disciplines required to perform a comprehensive analysis of potential utilization options. Giving due consideration to the respective site requirements we develop the ideal solution for you from demolition engineering through geotechnical and environmental inspections right down to planning services for construction and civil engineering services.



RBS wave GmbH

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