Our core competencies


Palas® ‒ Experts for Aerosol and Fine Dust Monitoring Technology

  • Expertise in the generation and measurement of particles and aerosols
  • Development, production and sales of
    • high-precision devices for generating and characterizing particles
    • certified measuring devices for regulatory use
    • modular-built, application-specific test systems
  • Transfer and know-how through training courses and seminars

Fidas® fine dust monitoring system was awarded the Environmental Technology Award of the state Baden-Wuerttemberg in the year 2017! To Fidas® product page ...


Leistungsbeschreibung 1

Fidas®: TÜV-certified fine dust and air pollution measuring device for continuous and simultaneous PM-2,5- und PM-10-measurements. In complience with VDI4202-1:2010; VDI4203-3:2010; EN12341:1998; EN14907:2, EN15267:2009 and EN15267-2:2009.

Leistungsbeschreibung 2

Nanoparticle measuring technology: Continuous measurement of airborne particles of 2 nm and more

Leistungsbeschreibung 3

Promo® aerosol spectrometer for process monitoring


Referenzprojekt 1

TÜV suitability test of Fidas® 200 S, published in the Bundesanzeiger on 01.04.2014

reference project 2

TÜV suitability test of Fidas® 200, published in the Bundesanzeiger on 26.08.2015

reference project 3

TÜV suitability test of Fidas® 200 E, published in the Bundesanzeiger on 14.03.2016



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