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MVV decon GmbH combines the international expertise of two merged world-renowned German consult-ing companies, DECON - Deutsche Energie-Consult Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH and MVV Consulting GmbH.

Based on the joint history of the two merged companies, MVV decon can draw on the experience gained in more than 1,500 projects, that have been successfully carried out in more than 140 countries for a wide range of clients including state authorities, ministries, utilities, and national or international financing institu-tions and development banks. MVV decon implements projects either alone or in cooperation with other renowned national or international consulting firms, the project results being always at a very high stand-ard of service based on technically sound and economically viable solutions.



Feasibility studies • Master plans • Demand analyses • Socio-economic studies • Demographic projections • Cost-benefit-analyses • Economic and financial analyses • Tariff studies/models • Efficiency studies • Risk analyses • Environmental impact analyses • Emission analyses & reductions • Emission analyses & reductions • Kyoto Protocol and Flexible Mechanisms


Project identification & definition • Site surveys • Data compilation Mapping & GIS for existing networks • Conceptual design and detail planning • Network planning • Planning of permit procedures • Implementation planning • Technical specification • Tender documents • Bid evaluation • Formulation of contracts • Contract negotiations • Schedule of activities and time schedule • Supervision of construction and installation • Factory acceptance • Monitoring of time schedule and budget control • Final acceptance • Commissioning • Project management • Guarantee management • Assistance in operation, maintenance and repair • Procurement • Operation management


Regulation • Institutional and policy advice • Advice in human resource development and in
finance and accounting • Investment promotion • Integrated resource planning • Energy and water
supply concepts • Quality management • National strategies • Sector restructuring/ privatisation •
Medium and long-term investment programmes • Management advice • Water Utility Management


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Transmission & distribution systems * Overhead transmission lines up to 500 kV * Substations up to 500 kV, switching stations * Transformers * Cable networks at all voltage levels * Load dispatch centres * Network planning * Power generation (combined gas and diesel power plants, gas turbines, steam and diesel power plants * Hydro Power Plants * Renewable energies * Heat supply, district heating, combined heat and power supply * Energy efficiency solutions * Climate protection * Energy economics


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MVV decon GmbH

MVV decon GmbH
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