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As a self-employed engineer, I bundle my professional experience to bring material efficiency and resource use through other perspectives to companies in the wood, metal and plastics industries or their suppliers.

Special fields: furniture, kitchen furniture production, shop fitting production, veneer production, motorhome and furniture supply industry.

Analysing and optimising production, administration, organisation and quality or logistics processes from the point of view of material and resource utilisation.

Basis: Holistic strategic-analytical, factual approach by using bw!MFCA, bw!Sankey, LEAN thoughts or classical REFA / MTM analysis, planning and workplace optimization methodology.

You would like to implement something new, but the daily business sets limits?
I support companies with my knowledge in case of project backlog, deadline and cost reduction pressure, technical challenges as well as personnel bottlenecks.

Self-committed I work according to the principles of the Offensive Mittelstand - Good for Germanywith the Self-check "quality of consulting for management consultants.

I recognize operational processes quickly, read processes as if on a topographical map and am a conversational partner who understands his customers.

My customers appreciateI am convinced that my diverse industry experience enables me to "think differently" and "see things differently", which would otherwise remain hidden. A good basis to be able to set new, beneficial impulses.

To see your resource and material efficiency projects in operation realized faster!

I simply lend a hand as a freelancer in projects.

Lohmann Engineers
GeZu 4.0


Performance specification 1

- New Technologies- Quality Management

- Operational analysis and relocation - Process and layout optimisation

- Investment and layout planning - Resource/material efficiency

- Company fitness- Material flow planning/warehouse organization

- Occupational safety/hazard assessment - Process outsourcing

- Logistics and production concepts - Plant development planning

- Lean - Assembly workplaces - Performance improvement measures

- Management development - Change management tasks

- Interim management (plant/technical manager) - Kanban system analysis/reorganisation


Reference Projects Award "Excellence Consultant of German Medium-Sized Businesses

Layout optimization of a mechanical production according to resource, material flow and swarm production aspects

Optimization of device assembly and mechanical single-part production for electronic devices with regard to overall material flow and material provision in the production process. Goal: No waste in transport, provision and working methods

Outsourcing of a surface treatment with planning / implementation of the building and plant dismantling of a powder coating plant (metal processing)

Planning change management process: long-term alignment of manufacturing competencies. Market leader for the production of process heat control systems for industry and research

Material flow and environment optimization of a press line at a furniture parts manufacturer

Overall material flow concept and value stream development for the entire productive areas of an automotive-related metal finishing company with impulses for detailed process design. Goal: Reduction of plant downtime and changeover costs

Analysis of the value stream and development of a logistics concept for the efficient execution of contract orders at a hardening technology company


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