HOBART GmbH is the global market leader for commercial dishwashers.
As an innovation leader, we find solutions that continuously reduce the consumption of our machines, improve performance and protect the environment.

HOBART develops, produces and sells machines and systems in the fields of warewashing technology, cooking and preparation technology and environmental technology.


Performance specification 1

Many companies still produce their process water on the basis of high-quality well water or drinking water. However, increasingly stringent environmental regulations are steadily limiting the available supplies and making them more and more expensive. The costs incurred for process water treatment are made up of various factors: Water purchase and disposal, energy costs and - when using membrane processes - the specific costs of membrane replacement.
Increase in machine capacities thanks to the globally unique twinLINE rinsing organization. Time savings of up to 30% are possible as a result.

Service description 2

The innovative and new AUTO-CLEAN self-cleaning system cleans HOBART conveyor dishwashers at the push of a button. Economical, hygienic and ergonomic.

Performance specification 3

With the PREMAX line, HOBART offers a line of dishwashers that uses up to 65% less water, up to 40% less energy and up to 80% less detergent than conventional technology, making HOBART a role model in terms of economy.




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