GREENtradING is an innovative company for the promotion, development and marketing of sustainable products.
The philosophy of GREENtradING consists of three pillars:
GREEN: Making good use of valuable raw materials in harmony with ecology.
TRADE: Marketing of products which are resource-saving, energy-efficient and cost-optimized.
ING: Development of new products which consciously use technologies and raw materials efficiently. Creation of valuable products for future-oriented markets in cooperation with universities and other research institutions.
GREENtradING's internationally operating cooperation and trading partners pursue ethical goals or have joined our code.
Due to climate change, the aim of our trade is to offer products that are environmentally friendly and CO2 reducing or CO2 neutral.
GREENtradING offers beyond the trade, from consulting to project management to individual prototype construction, consulting and engineering services.


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Engineering and design office:

We have been on the market as an engineering and design office in Karlsruhe since 1991. Our basis is the general mechanical engineering.

Our spectrum includes the focal points of special machine construction, interlinking, conveyor & handling systems.

In construction our skills are in the area of machine development and the development of handling and robot technology.

In the field of special design of operating equipment we have great experience.

You will benefit from us especially if we are allowed to develop new, innovative products for you.

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GREENtradING Team (GTI):

Trade, development, mediation, cooperations:

GTI team develops, mediates and sells HighTec from different areas:

Project examples of new developments, please inquire individually:

  • environmentally friendly spray bottle
  • most powerful daylight laboratory (100.000 LUX)
  • Pedelec
  • E-Sport-Car (SolarSeven, SevenZero, ...)
  • Ped-e-car (new concepts ... )
  • Projects from the creative industry
  • Stirling engine (prototype available)
  • Heat exchanger
  • completely new concepts in shipbuilding
  • Transportation design
  • new storage technology in battery technology
  • new trend devices and vehicles based on Rad2
  • Prototype construction
  • ......


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Dessauer Str. 17
76139 Karlsruhe

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