GOA-Gesellschaft im Ostalbkreis für Abfallbewirtschaftung mbH


GOA-Corporation for waste management in the greater Eastern Swabian Alb area.

Since 1992, the GOA Corporation for waste management  in the greater Eastern Swabian Alb area, has been a high-performance and reliable partner for waste management.

The GOA offers collection and disposal of household garbage and bulky wast, old metal, and electical items. In addition, the GOA offers the separate collection and transfer of yard and biological waste, and scrap and hazardous material for environmentally sound disposal.

Since 1988 we are a certified waste management business (Efb). This guarantees a responsible and traceable waste disposal in accordance with the recycling management and waste law.

The main goals of waste management are: avoid waste, prepare waste for reutilization, recycling. Additional waste processing and environmentally sound disposal are the principles of our company.

This is reason why we offer a forward-looking waste management concept.

In addition to the classical waste management concept, we service an area of 19 recyclinging locations and centers, where we offer private and indiustrial customers the Blue Can for paper, Big Bags for demolishion and remodeling waste, a barrel for yard waste, and containers for all kinds of waste.

For a consequent reduction of waste, our finishing plant for commercial solid waste converts waste into surrogate fuel. In our modern paper sort facility we recycle up to 50,000 tons of paper for further processing in a close-by papermill.

Another relevant area in which the GOA engages with new and innovative disposal is the so called „Recycling Island“  with a concept of collecting small electical waste.

The Recycling Island consists of a corpus that can be expanded or reduced. On the upper side of the module are various openings for disposals in order to ensure a clean separated collecting point.

Cell phones, chargers, household cables, Cds/DVDs, hard plastic covers, batteries/accus, cork and small electical appliances can be disposed of – free of charge – at the Recycling Island. This will ensure an increase in the return of electrical appliance in according with the new laws in foreseeable future.


Trade rubbish processing plant Ellert

Trade rubbish processing plant Ellert

A pioneering waste management concept - the production of high-quality alternative fuels



We offer you:

  • Recycling before disposal
  • Modern plant technology
  • Flexible processing options
  • Variable product range
  • Economically and environmentally meaningful disposal

Our products: Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) with different calorific values:

                                  Grain size                      Chlorine content                     Calorific value

Fluff                            < 20 mm                         < 0,7 %                                 ca. 22.000 - 24.000 kJ

Medium calorific        < 80 mm                        < 1,0 %                                   ca. 18.000 kJ

Medium calorific        < 250 mm                      < 1,0 %                                   ca. 14.000 - 16.000 kJ

Paper sorting plant

Paper sorting plant

The Paper Sorting Plant at the disposal facility in Ellert

In a 2-shift operation company can be processed up to 50.000 Mg / year. This means, that the facility has a capacit<y of 12 Mg / hour. The paper is prepared in three different varieties (mixed paper, pronted materials, cardboard) for recycling. 

Our paper sorting plant is equipped with a bundle opener in receiving hopper. This has the advantage that paper can be delivered in bulk or in bundled form. A plus point of this papersorting system is the fact that even other recyclable can be sorted, processed and compressed. 



We offer long-term disposal options for waste, which are suitable for landfill Class II. 



Selection from our catalog:

  • Waste containing asbestos
  • Contaminated construction rubble and excavated soil
  • Ballast
  • Tar and bitumen-containing road rubble
  • Foundry sand dross, dusts
  • Fine fraction from the maturing process of mechanical-biological waste treatment
  • Bottom ash
  • Waste gypsum



Hybrid truck

GOA benefits from the use of environmentally friendly trucks

The GOA is one of the 9 project partner of the electo mobility in the Stauferland, in short EMIS. The EMIS project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and is coordinated by the National Organisation for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NOW GmbH). It is part of the electro mobility model region of the Stuttgart Region, which is controlled by the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation (WRS GmbH) in coopearion with the State Agency for Electromobility. 

Using the project, the new value chain of the sectors Automobiles and Energy supply created through memory technology should also arrive in everyday life.

GOA will use the new hybrid trucks for the collection of bio-waste and yellow bags in Ostalb region.  The aim is energy saving and thus environmental protection. Through the quiet electric motor, the noise level of the vehicle is also much lower during starting and collection operation in comparison to the conventional diesel engine. This could allow in the future also waste collection during the night. 



    Active resource protection through acquisition of valuable electrical and electronic waste on the Recycling Island

    In another related field, the GOA is engaged with the new and innovative waste management models. With the "REcycling Island" has set itself the task todesign a collection point for valuable small electrical waste.

    At the top of the modules, there are different throw-in openings for the following high-value small waste:

    • Mobile phone
    • Power adapters / chargers
    • Household cables
    • CD's / DVD's 
    • CD's / DVD's plastic cases
    • Batteries / rechargeable batteries
    • Small electrical appliances 

    These are the advantages of the recycling island:

    • It can be expanded as well as downsized
    • Due to the stable processing, you don't need to maintain it
    • The visual appealing of the Recycling Island acts as customers stop
    • For you is an extension of your product range. Your customers save their way to the recycling centers.
    • You contribute actively to the Resource Conservation




    GOA-Gesellschaft im Ostalbkreis für Abfallbewirtschaftung mbH

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