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The fiber injection technology FIM enables a completely new manufacturing process, which can lead to further optimization of manufacturing steps. In particular, the minimized number of production steps, the possibility of using recycled material and the introduction of targeted locally different densities offer corresponding resource savings potential.

In addition to consulting and development, Fiber Engineering also offers the complete portfolio for blowing technology with the delivery of prototype parts up to the series production lines. We are active in the fields of aviation, automotive, construction, furniture, textiles and recycling.


High volume production line for floor and dasboard US-Passat.


Performance specification 1

Machines and tools for the production of acoustic and thermal fibre insulation parts for the construction and automotive sectors according to the FIM system. Fibre insulation parts/upholstery for furniture industry. Development, prototype production and construction of the required machines and tools.

Performance specification 2

3D fiber molded parts with targeted different mass distribution for optimized weight and material usage.

Performance specification 3

With FIM, sensible use of recycled material is possible.


Non-combustible belt retractor cover

Non-combustible belt retractor cover

A complex 3D fiber molding is produced very resource efficiently with our FIM injection technology. The material usage is 100% - there is no waste due to trimming. The molded part is produced in the desired contour directly in the tools.

By selectively varying densities within a 3D contour, areas with higher or lower strength can be formed with FIM. In doing so, a high density is only created at the point in the part where the customer wants it. This can save up to 50% of the weight and thus 50% of the material costs.

FIM turning circle system for customer CCMD in USA

FIM turning circle system for customer CCMD in USA

A complete floor insulation and an end wall with different materials are produced on a fully automatic rotary kiln. The bulkhead consists of a particularly acoustically effective two-layer structure. A complete vehicle set is produced with it every 90 seconds.


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Fiber Engineering GmbH

Fiber Engineering GmbH
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