Climate protection and sustainability are the dominant drivers of the future. In addition, corporate relevance for the topic of sustainability has continuously gained in importance in recent years. Today, companies are not only expected to acknowledge their social responsibility: ecologically, economically and socially, but also to prove that they are living up to it.

Important framework conditions such as climate neutrality, green deal, circular economy law, new supply chain law, CSRD, etc., to name just a few, have already been created by the legislators.

How can companies best face these changes and requirements? Become climate neutral? Conserve resources? Define and find substitute materials (e.g. biopolymers)? Develop recyclable product solutions? Focused and successful sustainable management? Simplify complexity, create transparency, monitor KPIs and create sustainability reports as easily as possible?

BeGaMo GmbH has developed modular solutions (concepts and IT) that enable companies to master the challenges at hand in a low-threshold, largely independent manner and with a significantly reduced expenditure of time and resources.

Sustainability, SDG, ESG, CSR, climate neutrality, resource efficiency, sustainability reporting


D4S - Design for sustainability

Sustainability, SDG, ESG, CSR, climate neutrality, resource efficiency, sustainability reporting

Our D4S Self Assessment is an online tool, based on 10 internationally recognized standards, which provides you with a quick and easy first baseline analysis of your sustainability status quo. The expert analysis can also be performed directly online and shows in great detail the strengths and weaknesses of your company. These results, presented as D4S, SDG or ESG, together with the SWOT and materiality analysis serve as a basis for the mission statement and the sustainability strategy.

Further important functions for CO2 and life cycle assessment, maximization of resource efficiency, project and management systems also with regard to social and corporate due diligence as well as supply chain management complement our concept.

Regular trainings and workshops in the company group or individually take place on a regular basis.

SEM - Sustainable Engineered Materials

Bio-based polymers, biopolymers, biocompounds, new materials

A global network of producers of biopolymers, bio-fillers and bio-compounds with the aim of bringing transparency to this important and highly heterogeneous market in order to contribute to the development of much needed material solutions for climate and environmental protection.

It also aims to make visible the enormous possibilities and opportunities offered by these often disruptive developments. Currently, many innovative biopolymers and biocompounds are developed and produced by start-ups and SMEs worldwide (50% in Asia), which have only local and often very limited access to the plastics market.

By means of our network it is possible to connect the respective stakeholders in the best possible way.


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