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Peptides and proteins are functional components of all living cells. They can perform tasks as defense or signaling substances, as transporters or as machines within the cell. Because their tasks are so diverse, in the future they may replace chemicals in agriculture and the food industry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other industries. In agriculture in particular, chemicals are used as pesticides that can poison groundwater. Therefore, they must be used in concentrations that reduce their effect. Plant and animal protective peptides provide a remedy here because they are not harmful to the environment and can be used at lower concentrations than conventional pesticides. BPP is focusing on this area with linear and cyclic peptides for plant protection. These substances can only be produced in small quantities by chemical methods at high production costs and with high resource depletion. Alternative biotechnological methods rely on altering the natural shape of the peptides, which compromises their function. The biological BPP method differs from chemical and other biological methods in that large quantities of peptide can be produced without altering the natural peptide sequence. The BPP method completely eliminates the use of chemicals that are harmful to health or the environment in peptide production. This makes the process both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.



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Badische Peptide und Proteine (BPP) GmbH

Badische Peptide und Proteine (BPP) GmbH
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